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Islamic Wall Art Canvas

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Islamic Wall Art

Islamic Arabic Calligraphy Canvas which says “lā ilaha illal lahu, Muhammadur-rasul Ullah” It is the declaration of belief and faith in Islam. The acknowledgment of the truth brings peace and humility in life.   

Fill up that empty wall space with this awesome piece of art work & bring peace and humility in your life. Make your home/office a blessed place! 

It is an undoubtedly spiritual portrait, but it doesn’t end there. This  portrait is exotically made, the crafting of this product is sure to beef up the glamour and appeal of your space both physically and spiritually.

As you would come to find out, this product is made of top class material and is guaranteed to last you through the years comfortably, maintaining its shine and lustre. This portrait like most others is a five in one piece that consists of a rectangular part with full-color tones displayed across it. You may place your order now for this amazing product as you would come to find that this product is incredibly affordable.


  • Islamic Calligraphy Canvas  portrait is one that consists of five pieces of the artistically painted image.
  • It features the word ALLAH which spreads the blessings in your house/office.
  • This product comes in three distinct sizes, small, medium and large.
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  • Frame included, ready to hang on your wall!


    Islamic Wall Art Canvases

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    Mashallah very nice. Unique design and just looks amazing. Thank you


    Got this for my mum and dad. Looks good. Used the template to put it up on the wall. Looks good


    Definitely exceed your expectations. Looks amazing, print is of high quality and amazing pattern.


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