Islamic Canvas Wall Art Painting Mecca
Islamic Canvas Wall Art Painting Mecca
Islamic Canvas Wall Art Painting Mecca
Islamic Canvas Wall Art Painting Mecca

Islamic Canvas Wall Art Painting Mecca

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Islamic Wall Art Canvas

Islamic Canvas which portraits the image of KAABA SHAREEF Islam's most sacred site. Bring home the canvas of بَيْت الله‎, "House of God" and make your home/office a blessed place.

The image of metaphorical house of God will surly beef up the glamour and appeal of your space both physically and spiritually.

This fantastic Islamic Wall Art Canvas is one that is fit for any home or office. The image of Kaaba Mecca expertly drawn and painted, layered over a black background.

The design of this five in one Islamic wall art canvas painting is aligned to stand out proudly in any home or office and to add a physically undeniable feel of peace and divinity be it in your living room, dining room, study or office.

A thrilling fact of this Islamic wall art canvas painting is that it is made from premium materials, both its canvas and infused colors are of top class, this was done so as to give you maximum utility for your money, its impressive color tones, and hues will stay glossy and full of shine in the years to come, without undergoing any form of wear or dullness.

What’s more? This magical Islamic wall art canvas set comes in convenient sizes to satisfy and fit the dimension of your home or office.


  • Islamic Wall Art Calligraphy Canvas  is one that consists of five pieces of the artistically painted image.
  • It features the Kaaba which spreads the blessings in your house/office.
  • This product comes in three distinct sizes, small, medium and large.
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  • Frame included, ready to hang on your wall!



    Mashallah very nice. Unique design and just looks amazing. Thank you


    Got this for my mum and dad. Looks good. Used the template to put it up on the wall. Looks good


    Definitely exceed your expectations. Looks amazing, print is of high quality and amazing pattern.


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